Harry Kane shared while at Tottenham

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    Harry Kane shared while at Tottenham
    Alan Shearer says Harry Kane will leave Tottenham if they don't win any trophies in the soccer tip sites page.


    Kane is yet to lift silverware in his career despite a fine goalscoring record for both club and country.

    The England captain has not played since January due lớn a serious hamstring injury and was on the losing side as Tottenham lost lớn Liverpool in last season's Champions League final.

    That is the closest the 26-year-old has come to major honours and Shearer feels it may be time to move on if that does not change in the coming months.

    "My guess is, if he doesn't win anything in the next 12 months then he has lớn leave," Shearer told the Match of the Day: Top 10 podcast.

    "He'll do another year, I think, and if nothing comes in terms of trophies, then he'll be off." You can prefer the under 2.5 soccer tip page!


    On the podcast Shearer and his fellow Match of the Day regulars Gary Lineker and Ian Wright discuss footballing topics in the wake of the postponement of live sport due lớn coronavirus.

    The latest show looks at the top-10 Premier League goalscorers, of which Shearer sits at the top with 260 goals.

    Asked if Kane, currently on 136 goals, could one day overtake his achievements, the former Newcastle striker added: "It depends on his fitness, where he is and what success he's had at whatever club he's at - whether that's at Spurs or somewhere else.

    "It's going lớn be hard for him. He's on 136 and there's a lot of 'ifs' being asked; if he stays fit or if he stays in the Premier League. It's going to be tough, but it's going to go one day."

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